hi. i’m oliver.

i believe in people first. you & me.

i am a art/creative

sometimes i work with moving, other times with static visuals.

born and raised as ex-yugo in germany. studied cinema and worked for 15 years in brasil. currently based in Berlin, Germany.

I do: ideation, creative planning, directing, editing and design work.

I don’t do: banks advertising.

director//ad campaign

_branded docs/social media campaign for foodpanda’s german market launch. the series follows 5 personalities living in berlin and shows their connection to food and the city.

Direction: Leandra Espirito Santo
Camera&Editing: par moi
Assistant camera: Elloi Mattar
Producer: Leandra Espirito Santo
Runner: João Marcos



YAHOO AMERICA LATINA_a series of 12 minidocs about how the RIO OLYMPICS impacts life of it´s citizens, bringing both, the negative and the positive to light.

Research/Reporting: Fernando Olivieri, Ariel Hergott
Camera&Editing: par moi
Post Production: Santo Forte Films
Executive Producer: Michelle Roberts
Runner: Milton Rodrigo
Client: Yahoo America Latina



RUSSELL BRAND “THE TREWS”_institutional video about the creation, vision and long-term strategy of The Trews, Russell’s online channel.

Filmed by: David Sauvage
Production: Mandalah
Post Production: Santo Forte Films
Editor: moi
Client: Russel Brand “The Trews”


art director//stop bolsonaro manifesto

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Coordinator: Juan Persona
Project Manager: Lis Araujo
Art Direction: par moi
Developer: Raul Mango
Client: PT, PCdoB, PSOL, PSTU, PCB, PCO & UP