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Maranhão State Government
Responsible for the art direction for Maranhão State governmental online presence & social media between 2017 and 2018 through Grupo Informe agency.

During decades an oligarch political class ruled Maranhão and distanced itself from the population over the years which lead to the second worst Human Development Index in Brazil.
A lot of the public institutions and infrastructure were basically abandoned and people pretty much lost confidence in political and social issues, which also lead to a lack of self-esteem, being from that state, compared to the rest of the country. In this case, the focus was to produce a visual language that supported the identification with the own culture and create a bigger bond between government and population, based on the surroundings in architecture, nature, pop- and everyday culture, colors and patterns one will discover everywhere to establish a trustworthy communication through the social media channels. We succesfully achieved to increase the number of followers on instagram, from 40K to roughly 120k over the course of one year which makes the account it the biggest of all state government profiles in the country. X
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Key to success was the constant flow of information about projects and other work done by the government and provided for the people. In the age of fakenews and internetchaos we managed to establish a trustworthy image of the government, which to a high degree shielded the government from attacks and lies during the re-election in 2018, which was also won by a high margin of the vote. Knowing that the way people get information today is profoundly different than previous models, one of the driving forces to distribution is people sharing the stories. Our aim was to relate the news in a way that makes the followers feel inspired to share the videos and posts with their friends , family and colleagues. X back [Daily Report/Coverage] [Weekly Report/Coverage] [Daily Posts//news//infos//statistics]
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Oliver Jurique is a art director, editor, designer and visual artist focused on creating unique experiences and experimental visuals, somewhere in the field between moving and non-moving images. He has created visuals for a variety of media formats , for advertising and political campaigns to title sequences, documentaries, music videos and film.

Born and raised in Germany, he moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2005, where he has spent almost 14 years to pursue more work and new experiences as a creative for studios and production houses; exploring new ways of communication between our digital and physical worlds and investigate the boundaries between disciplines. He also holds a bachelors degree in cinema from UNESA, Rio de Janeiro, graduated in 2009.

He has worked for clients such as State Government of Maranhão, Lula Presidential Election Campaign 2018, Globo, Yahoo America Latina, ZDF, Arte, DFROST, Russell Brand and Mandalah and brands including Nissan, H.Stern, Cantão, Eva, Riachuelo, Cadenzza, or Victorinox.